The network COPE (Children of Prisoners Europe) has produced this video, where some of the voices of the 800,000 children and adolescents that have some of their deprived parents on this continent can be heard.

United States

The "Echoes of Incarceration Project" is a documentary project led and produced entirely by youth whose parents are or have been incarcerated. The project explores, through the creation of small documentaries, issues such as mass incarceration and its effects on families. These documentaries are based on the filmmakers' own stories and life experiences.

Some of the videos of the Echoes of Incarceration project that the NNAPEs Platform has subtitled are:

Echoes of Incarceration


Caring through struggle

Videos and Materials of Plaza Sésamo

Here is the link to Sesame Street, who have produced a series of educational videos about this subject Other teaching materials can also be found here.

ABC News

In this other powerful video that came out on ABC News about an event for children to share a day with their parents that was held in a prison in the United States.