The Plataform member organizations agree on the following principles:

  • COIP exist, although for many they are invisible. They have rights and should have the same opportunities to fully realize their potential as other children.
  • They have specific needs that must be addressed.
  • COIP must be protagonists in claiming their rights and they must be consulted regarding decision-making that affects them.
  • It is important to understand, accompany and support adults, most of them women, who care for and educate COIP.
  • States must comply with their obligations as guarantors of all the rights of all children, including COIP.
  • It is essential that states generate, collect and maintain data and statistical studies on COIP, to enable the development of public policies, projects and programs appropriate to their needs and rights.
  • We denounce the severe impact that mass incarceration of adult references has on the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents living in Latin America- an avoidable, partial, failed and inadequate response to the serious problem of insecurity in the region.
  • We recognize and value the silent and steady work of many workers in the prison and judicial system as well as representatives from civil society organizations, human rights and religious organizations that care and accompany those imprisoned and their families.
  • We call for comprehension, action and long-term support for COIP through community programs, and coordinated, articulated, comprehensive multisectoral approaches.
  • We commit to support initiatives that make visible and help better understand the reality in which these children and youth and their families live, and to raise awareness and mobilize those who can produce the necessary changes.